Frequently Asked Questions


What is the process for hiring CSQ?

CSQ’s Coordinator will respond to your string quartet inquiry.    If you decide to hire CSQ for your event, a contract will be drawn up and sent to you.  After the signed contract is returned with a $100 deposit, CSQ will work with you, and with any event coordinators, to select musical pieces that will make your event memorable and special!



How do I select my music?

CSQ’s Coordinator  will work with you directly to select your desired music.  You will receive a Planning Guide to help you make selections for your special event.  If you are unsure of what to select, CSQ is happy to assist you with this process!



Does CSQ attend any rehearsals?

CSQ is a quartet comprised of seasoned professionals who will play beautiful music for you on the day of your event.  Like other professional quartets, CSQ does not typically attend rehearsals.   Although, if it is your desire to have the CSQ Coordinator attend the rehearsal, a consultation fee can be added to the contract.



What do the musicians wear?

CSQ members perform in professional, seasonal,  black attire.



How much will CSQ cost?

Since each event is unique,  pricing is based upon the information you provide, such as event location, desired amount of playing time, extra consultation, etc.



Does CSQ play outdoors?

Yes, CSQ is happy to perform for your outdoor event!  As with all string musicians, though, extreme temperatures, wind and precipitation are problematic for our wooden instruments.  Specific performance guidelines are included in our contract.



What does CSQ need at my event?

CSQ performers require a minimum 8’ by 8’ level space to play, armless standard chairs, adequate lighting for an indoor event, and shade/protective covering from the elements for an outdoor event.  



Does CSQ take requests?

All music is to be pre-selected 30 days prior to your event.  Sometimes CSQ is able to accommodate special requests made well in advance of the event.  This time is needed to secure the writing of an arrangement should your choice not be among the pieces of our extensive repertoire.  An additional fee is applied for new arrangements requested.  



How do I pay CSQ?

Payment is to CSQ two weeks prior to your scheduled event.  The CSQ Coordinator will take responsibility for payment to the musicians.  This process allows you freedom from this responsibility on the day of the event.